The Palmer Drug Abuse Program (or PDAP...pronounced "Puh-Dap") began in 1971 at Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church in Houston, Texas. PDAP is a fellowship of young people, adults and parents who share their experience love and understanding that they may solve their common problems and help others to recover from the effects of mind-changing chemicals. PDAP is non-sectarian and the primary requirement for membership is the desire to live a chemical-free life.

Our primary purpose is to carry our love and understanding to others, and to practice the principals of love and honesty in our daily lives, with the help of God, as we understand Him.

Take some time to learn about the history of PDAP and how we approach the recovery process. This simple yet successful concept has produced thousands of success stories, with countless more yet to come. What started in Houston has spread to several Texas cities, as well as California, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

From drugs to freedom...PDAP works wonders!